Sunday, July 29, 2012

Airbrush Makeup: My New Obsession

 Soooo, I came onto the airbrush scene kind of late in the game. After, losing brides to other artists who airbrushed I decided to research some systems and couldn't come to a decision. I researched the ins and outs of various systems and foundations, and still couldn't decide. So finally sometime back in February I was contacted by a model that I worked with to do a shoot w/ photographer Roy Cox, and she wanted airbrush makeup. The shoot was 2 or 3 weeks away from the time she contacted me so I made a quick decision and purchased the Dinair System and some OCC Skin airbrush foundation. The Dinair system was the cheapest and they also had a payment plan, and that fab hot pink and cheetah print color so I was

Now mind you I had never airbrushed anything a day in my life and I had two weeks to order the system, the makeup, and learn how to do it before the shoot. To date I have never taken any sort of makeup class... I am a jump all in kind of person. So I receive the system, and the makeup and do a couple of test runs on myself. Seemed simple enough. I looked at it like its just liquid foundation thats made to be custom blended. So thats exactly what I did... Figured out my shade(s) and went from there.

Fast forward closer to the shoot date. I get a call from the model and the shoot was rescheduled. So I pushed the system to the side and kept it moving with my Dermablend. Fast forward to April... the shoot date comes... and I go in and get busy with my Dinair system and OCC Skin Foundations.

Stay tuned for the results!!!
Model Lashawn on set with Roy Cox