Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dinair Airbrush System

I am not here to be one of these bloggers that push out thorough product reviews. Im just kinda giving a basic opinion on what I think in various areas of makeup. So if this review is missing a lot of info that you feel you want to know, just ask me. Other than that imma keep it real basic.

So I purchased this system on a whim. Push came to shove and I needed something quick... I had a model who requested airbrush makeup for her shoot and I wasn't going to say no. So any who, I'll get right down to the nitty gritty of things. I ordered this because I needed something quick and I was working with a very tight budget.

Sooooo... If I could do it all over again I probably wouldn't have ordered this system. Its cute and its pink. Overall the system isn't powerful enough for my needs. I have a range of clients but most of them are brides. It you are just going to be doing a bunch of faces then this is great. It's small, quiet, reasonably priced, and very easy to fit in your kit. However, I have a corporate client who has a few tattoos that need to be covered on a regular basis. This compressor isn't strong enough to spray a layer of makeup, and then put out a strong blast of air to dry the layer quickly. Sometimes I don't have a lot of time to get the tattoos covered and the makeup done. In addition to the compressor not being as strong as I would like, I also feel like the gun isn't the best. I thoroughly clean gun after each use, but no matter how clean the gun is feel like I always get some sort of splatter during my makeup application and end up having to blend the splatters out with a sponge.

I have out grown this compressor in a matter of a few months and have already purchased something more efficient and powerful. Over the last few months I have really gotten into airbrush makeup application and need something that really can perform.  I may just keep this one for at home or personal use or I may give it to one of my makeup artist friends to play with.

All in all, I wouldn't recommend it to serious makeup artists who plan on doing a lot of airbrushing. Its cute for your bathroom sink and at home use, but will no longer have a place in my kit.