Friday, June 28, 2013

Riri Woo vs. Ruby Woo

So after sitting at my computer for what seemed like hours on end, trying to figure out why it wouldn't accept my billing address as the same address as my shipping address (insert blank stare here)  I was finally able to complete my order for the 3 lipticks from the Riri Hearts MAC Summer Collection. I get my order confirmation order... HOWEVER, the next day I get the backorder email stating that the Riri Boy, and "Heaux" lipsticks would ship in two weeks. Complete irritation.... Anywho, I got the email that my "Riri Woo" had shipped and I should receive it by 6/21. Long story short I didn't get it until 6/25. I wasn't even going to order the lipstick at first.. I don't get caught up in the MAC limited edition hype... I have seen a number of lipsticks come and go, come back, go again, get renamed or a new texture and come and go But somehow here I am writing this review and waiting on my other two lipsticks lol

I guess I am done with my rant... 

So at first glance out of the package the lipsticks look exactly alike.

I stared at  both lipstick for at least 5 minutes. I couldn't see a major difference if any at all. After a while I almost tried to convince myself that they looked slightly different... but honestly they don't look any different side by side in the tube.

When I swatched the two lipsticks on the back of my hand is when I was able to tell them apart.

Riri Woo seemed to be a much deeper red and Ruby Woo was a lot brighter. They are both retro matte lipsticks and blue based but Riri Woo is cooler, and went on a lot smoother and wasn't as dry as Ruby Woo.  When I put them on my lips just by looking in the mirror I couldn't tell the difference in the two lipsticks. But when I took the 2 pics below Ruby Woo looked much brighter when compared to Riri. 
Ruby Woo and Brick Lip Pencil
Riri Woo and Brick Lip Pencil

Suggested Lip Pencils:


Out of the three lip pencils, Brick was the closest match. Cherry was a tad bit brighter than the Riri Woo but went perfectly with Ruby Woo lipstick. Anything darker than burgundy lip pencil is gonna change the color of the lipstick too much. 

Final Thoughts: 

I think they are great both red lipsticks and can be applied to a range of skin-tones. Although I could tell a difference when I applied both of the lipsticks to the back of my hand... the difference in color was only slightly noticeable on my lips. Although very close, the Riri Woo had a richness to it that I actually liked. They both fall into the classic red lip category. You can wear them both all year around... but if your more into categorizing lipsticks into seasonal categories, I would put Riri Woo into the fall/winter classic red category, and Ruby Woo would go more into the spring/summer classic red category.