Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OCC Skin: Primer

Okay so I'm going through my kit... doing some editing. Getting rid of some stuff to make room for some new stuff. At some point I am going to do a blog about my kit, staple items, and must haves. Now I am not that extensive product review blogger but when I love or hate something I gotta tell you. So any who.... Doing some editing today and I came across my OCC Skin Primer...

SIGH.... I have tried and tried and tried again to love this stuff because everyone else rants and raves about how great it was. From magazines to beauty blogs people swear by this stuff. I purchased it last year when I purchased my set of airbrush foundations from OCC (I have another story about those). I have probably only used a few drops out of the bottle and its still pretty full. I don't know if it's just me but I find it to be very greasy. I have used it at least 5 times. I first applied a small amount with a makeup sponge to the clients skin. I found it to be a bit tacky and sticky. I didn't like that. So I thought that maybe I was using to much, so I wiped it off and reapplied it again. Still kinda sticky but ok, but again it was greasy BOOTS! I applied the airbrush makeup anyway which is a natural matte finish and standing there looking at the client I felt like I could see the primer shining through the makeup. I even called OCC to see if there was something I wasn't doing right... Which would be hard cause it's a primer, you can't mess that up too bad lol. But they said they had never heard that before. I tried to use it again... SMH Needless to say. I can't be bothered. Has anyone else had this greasy experience?!?!?! I wanna love it... its just not working for me. So as of this moment its definitely being removed from my kit.

Any Suggestions?!?!?!?