Thursday, November 7, 2013

AJ Crimson Creme Foundations... The Artist Kit.

So I wish I had something great to say.... But I don't because I have yet to receive my products. I placed an order for the AJ Crimson Artist Kit Foundations on October 1, 2013... Here it is a month and a few days later and I still have yet to receive my products. Has anyone else experienced this? I live and die by Dermablend foundations in my kit as my go to cream formula. But after hearing such great things about the AJ Crimson foundations I wanted to use those to replace my other creams as I began to run out.

 I place an order on 10/1 and didn't receive any further correspondence from the company. I sent emails over and over again inquiring about when my items will be shipped. The money had already been taken from my account immediately. I sent at least 3 emails, and then finally I sent an email with a more frustrated tone. It was then that I finally got some response. Whoever this person was on the other end of the email told me that it normally takes a week for items to ship. I'm like ok cool, maybe you guys should indicated that at time of order or somewhere on the web site etc. I am pretty reasonable and as long are things are communicated to me I can be patient and wait. I understand its a small business.

So somewhere into the second week of not receiving any shipping information I contact the company again. I send two pleasant emails. No response. I send another disgruntled email letting them know that if I don't receive some sort of update or shipping information by close of business the following day I would be contacting my financial institution to dispute the charges. Again, now after sending another disgruntled email I get a response telling me that the items were on back order, and that I should receive my shipping information by that Tuesday and that if I didn't, respond to the email.... Needless to say, Tuesday comes and goes. Now mind you I ordered these products October 1. It is now Friday October 25, 2013. I send another frustrated email telling them that I was supposed to receive some shipping information on Tuesday and that it was now Friday. They don't respond to the email but they create a shipping label. Now anybody can create a shipping label. I check the shipping label over the next 4 days no update. So now I'm feeling like ok... they created a hush label because I was complaining. So now its October 30, and finally the shipping information updates and its saying that my package is scheduled for delivery on Nov. 6, 2013.

So here I am, as Nov 6, has come and gone and still no Artist Kit. I have been sitting here all morning talking to different post office employees trying to figure out where my items are. I am so frustrated and I was really looking forward to working with the product as I have heard so many great things. I am a real life working makeup artist and now because I was expecting to receive these foundations by the time my previous product ran out.... and I haven't... I have to spend money twice because now I have to go repurchase foundation because an order that I placed over a month ago is missing.

I love supporting fellow makeup artist and small businesses. But as artist we are a customer service based industry. I love AJ Crimson as an artist. I respect his work. I was excited to try and support his product, but this has been the absolute worst customer experience I have ever had with a business. Nobody answer my emails unless I send some angry letter. The one phone number I have for the company no one ever answers. I have sent AJ messages on Facebook. I have been on the phone all day with the post office trying to figure out where my package is....

Has anyone else experienced this?!?!?! Please help!!!


So I finally spoke with someone at the post office who told me that the package was sent via MEDIA MAIL. She asked me what was in the package that I was looking for. I told her that it was foundation/makeup. She told me that Media Mail is the slowest shipping method out of all the shipping methods. Also she told me that Media Mail is only for DVD's, books.... etc.... She told me that the reason I may have not received my products yet is because they randomly inspect packages and if the inspector finds any other items in the packages other than the specified media that they will return the package to the sender..... WTF?!?!?!