Wednesday, November 18, 2015


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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lashes on Fleek!

I am currently running a new client special! $25 OFF of my Évalash 2-Strand V-Lash Extensions! In order to take advantage of this deal you must follow my Instagram page @melaniejonesbeauty.... Look for my "Lashes on Fleek" post,  repost and add #melsnatchedme Make your appointment now by clicking on the "Book an appointment" tab or visit

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Aja B.L.U. Salon & Studio Spring Mixer

Come join us on Saturday April 11, 2015 for our Spring Beauty Mixer!!

Aja B.L.U Salon & Studio presents its first spring mixer. Come network with other business owners and like minded individuals.  There will be shopping, mini-manis, makeup services, massages, music, a positive atmosphere, cocktails, sweet treats, and all kinds of goodies and fun. 

For the event I will be offering discounted Évalash 2-Strad V-Lash Extensions for a discounted price! Only 4 slots available. Appointments are on a first come first serve basis! 

Book your appointment now!

Aja B.L.U. Salon & Studio | 9841 Greenbelt Rd Suite 207, Lanham MD 20706

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So you want to be a Makeup Artist

So you want to be a makeup artist? This is not your typical how to, or question and answer session. This isn’t your bubbly you tube video on how I got started and how amazing my life has been ever since. I said I wanted to always keep my blog positive but I want to make sure I keep it real. I didn’t want this to be your typical beauty product review blog, there are a billion out there… Trust me I read them all… lol But I wanted you to know what it’s really like… the day in the life of a freelance makeup artist. The behind the scenes things that you don’t see…

This business definitely isn’t for the faint at heart. You spend a lot of time defending yourself, your business, and your worth. When I started in makeup there weren’t that many of us. I left my government job and took a full time job with MAC. Back then it actually meant something to work there. You actually had to be an artist with a skill-set… these days, not so much. Lol Anyway, working there was like playing at a playground everyday. Everything you needed to be the best artist you could be is at your fingertips. I would go to work and do makeovers and every thing that Sam Fine told me to do in my Fine Beauty book I did. Everything I watched on my Danessa Myricks videos the highlighting and the contouring I practiced. When I did something I understood why I did it, I didn’t do it just because that’s what every one else was doing. I got on the Internet although there was no YouTube, I read, and I researched. I grabbed a color wheel from Michaels and understood the ins and outs of color theory, and texture. I picked up Sophisticates Black Hair and mimicked what I saw. I tore pages from Vouge, and Allure and trained my eye to break down a makeup look and understand the story behind it and what the team of artists were trying to convey. I studied time period makeup and beauty icons Audrey Hepburn, Iman, Marilynn Monroe, Twiggy… Mod, Vintage, Pin-up, and old Hollywood Glamour. I learned to step back and look at my work because it looks totally different than standing up close during the process. I put my work in front of a camera and under lights. My first photo shoot was shot on FILM… that’s how long it’s been. (Hey Mike) Lol. I went back to my high school and did 25 girls BY MYSELF for their fashion show for $300 just because I was hungry to get the practice I needed. I did all of these things before I would even call myself a professional. First things first, take the time to really learn about the industry, about the business. It baffles me to ask someone do they know who Pat McGrath is and for them to say no. But you call yourself a makeup artist a professional one at that? Girl, She is the reason your eyeliner is winged, why the finish of your foundation is demi-matte, and your lips are stained with that deep berry color. These are the trends because she said so!

I eventually left the MAC counter after I got a taste of the freelance world. I had a goal get in, get what you need, and get out. It wasn’t that easy though. No matter how good someone told me my work was, and how many praises I received. Its scary… you question yourself, “Do I have what it takes to make it?” Living in Washington D.C. this isn’t a fashion or celebrity market. We are pretty much limited to brides, business women, and government officials and there is nothing wrong with that. You can definitely make a living you just have to be a bit more creative. It has never been my dream to be a celebrity makeup artist. Most people see the perks and they get excited. But what they fail to realize is you are just a mere servant. Now don’t get me wrong these day rates definitely serve but sometimes most forget we are not the celebrity. The only thing we have in common with celebrities is just like they are hot one minute and not the next, the same rule applies to makeup artists. Large YouTube followings and Instagram likes might get you the job but a quality skill-set, a sound business mind, and professionalism is how you keep it. Many lose sight. It’s never been my goal to be a celebrity makeup artist, my only goal is to do what I love, while making money doing it, and living comfortably.

Doing all of those things will get you the jobs you want, the perks. It will get you flown in to Vegas for the Mayweather fight for free without paying a dime out of pocket. It will get you to the Washington Wizards play off games, and to fancy islands for destination weddings. Working hard and diligently and running a business will get you on the set of Fox 5 with Tamar Braxton, Vince, and the cast of the Real Talk show. You might see all of these things on social media, the post of my Michele watch here and there, a pair of Gucci shoes or a Wang bag. Unbeknownst to you I didn’t just do a wedding and buy what I wanted. I saved and planned for a year for those things and felt good when I was finally able to purchase that watch or a bag and still have my bills paid and money in my account. You didn’t see the times I didn’t buy any clothes or shoes or go anywhere but to gigs and straight home because I was saving money just to make sure when business got slow I was ok. You weren’t losing sleep countless nights while I was up seeing what other artist where doing. Figuring out the jobs that I wanted and how to get them. Coming up with creative ways to stay relevant in a small market where you have other makeup artists who are usually a friend of yours but your competing for the same jobs. All the while deciphering through the shade fest and cattiness because you’re doing well. Negotiating with brides trying to get them to understand this isn’t Canal Street and your not selling knock off bags but a luxury service, quality makeup. Trying to explain to her that your prices are your prices but by all means if your sisters friend Kiki from down the street is only charging you $50 for your wedding day makeup, PLEASE, choose her! But just remember you get what you pay for. You don’t see the phone calls and emails the back and forth with production companies trying to figure out why it has been 2 months and they still haven’t paid you. That time I rode to New York to do a job for a low budget media group about a few years back that still hasn’t paid me (there are crooks in this business.) Meanwhile it’s January business is slow and your car note and car insurance is due. All the while your grinding everyday to make business happen but you have a friend or whoever in your ear asking you why don’t you get a
real job and just do makeup on the side? Irritated, you continue to debate and fight for your day rate while chasing down the photographer who never emailed you the photos from the TFP shoot that you spent 8 hours doing for free to get photos for your book. You get up go to a retail job to supplement your income, work for 7 hours cold calling people to get them to presell, get off go to the airport, fly to Atlanta, land at midnight. You get up at 5am do makeup for your client catch the 12pm flight back to D.C., land, drive to the Verizon center to get the Wizards Dancers ready for their game. Get home, its 11pm wash brushes, answer emails, try to remember if I ate or not, and they still want me to post an eyebrow tutorial on YouTube and plan to teach a makeup class. INSERT EXHALE HERE!

It’s not all photo shoots and glitter. It’s a lot of work, a lot of ups and downs. Lessons learned, knowing better the next time. If after all of that you still want to do makeup, you my friend are nuts, but it’s a feeling I completely understand. Every time a bride looks in the mirror after she steps into her wedding dress, face beat to the high heavens and falls in love with herself, it’s all worth it.
Knowing that I had something to do with that special moment in her life. Walking into a grocery store and seeing your mentor on the cover of Black Enterprise because she followed her dream and is the CEO of a 21 million dollar business in a white male dominated industry, and your makeup on the cover along with her. There is nothing like it. Getting that phone call from a photographer that you called twice a week for like 3 months 8 years ago and got no response, but now he’s checking for you. Getting introduced to a photographer with just a much drive and motivation who had a dope idea to shoot kids dressed as historical black figures, and turning it into to a million dollar media company, Because of them. I am sure you have seen a few t-shirts and back packs around your way.
Recently, watching the reaction of one of those kids whose nose I powdered who saw themselves on Nickelodeon during a PSA. Moments like those are priceless. Going to all the Wizards games and watching them make it to the play off or walking past John Wall in the hall way trying to be cool, when really you just wanna be like let’s take a selfie…. Lol Everything falling into to place, making your own schedule, steady income and people paying you your day rate on time without a fuss… I have to admit it’s pretty damn awesome. To see it all come together, to fight your way through all of that and STILL, I have the courage and energy to aspire be greater.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


I was approached a few months back about offering my makeup services in a salon environment. This isn’t the first time anyone has reached out to me about providing my services in their establishment. However, I could never come to an agreement with salon owners about what was fair when payment came in to play. I have been a freelance makeup artist for the last 10 years working at various retailers from time to time, to make a few extra dollars here and there or take advantage of a discount or two…lol  The salon owner who reached out to me a few months back reached out and we sat down and discussed an agreement that we both thought was fair. As most of you know makeup application is a luxury service offered mostly on location as a mobile business. Makeup is typically an event based service and although you may have a repeat clientele it doesn’t provide the same repeat clientele that a hair stylist or nail tech would receive working in a salon environment.
            The past year I took a cosmetics counter manager job at a retailer as a way to earn some extra income because I knew I wanted to revamp my freelance business and move in a different direction. I have a love hate relationship with retail cosmetics. Freelancing is my first love. I can only take retail off and on in doses. So as this round of my love hate relationship had come to an end, and my patience meter 100% at the hate end of the spectrum, I decided to dive 100% back in to the freelance environment and really regain control of my business. I am now working in a salon offering makeup services, and one-on-one and group makeup application lessons. Finally stationary I thought to myself why not take this opportunity to broaden my services and get a full esthetics license. I was introduced early on in my makeup career the basics of waxing and facial hair removal, and eyebrow shaping with a razor. I grasped these concepts very quickly and my artistic talent allowed me to excel at these services. However, I have never obtained a license to provide these services because I was always working on location providing color services/makeup application and not facials and those sorts of services. So I have recently decided to obtain my Esthetics license, makeup is only as beautiful as the skin its on so why not maximize my business and provide my clients with not only quality makeup color services but quality luxury skin care and maintenance as well.
            So I began researching Esthetics Programs in the Washington D.C. area. The average program is about $10,000. In the past I attended Howard University in Washington D.C. I attended the university on several thousand dollars in student loans, which I am currently repaying. My goal is to complete my esthetics license program by paying for all program costs out of pocket. No loans, and I wish I could say no more debt. However, while preparing for my program I have exhausted all of my funds to pay for my education. Every dime I make and every bride I send down the isle pays for it! Also, this is a full-time program, which means that I will only be able to work part time…. In the end I know it will be all worth it, but as of right now…. I wish money grew on trees… lol
            I have seen Go Fund Me campaigns around Facebook here and there. This morning jokingly I thought to myself I need to start a Go Fund Me account to help pay for some of this stuff and then I paused… Hey why not? You never know what could happen. Even if I only made $5 I would be grateful. Every little bit counts! So here I am. My link is: All donations will fund program fees & tuitions, supplies, textbooks, continuing education courses and seminars, state board exams and license fees. Rewards levels are available. While all donations are greatly appreciated there are a few incentives for donation amounts.

Please see details below!

Rewards Level 

General – $1-$99
10% off of any one service.

Level 1 - $100 & Up
Enjoy 10% off of all services for 6 months.

Level 2 - $250 & Up
Enjoy 10% off all services for 6 months. Also receive 1 complimentary in-studio makeup application and 1 brow maintenance service.

Level 3 - $500 & Up
Enjoy 20% off of all services for 1 year.  $75 gift card to use towards the services of your choice. 1 complimentary in-studio makeup application. 1 brow maintenance service, and 1 lash service.

Level 4 - $1000 & Up
Enjoy 20% off of all services for 1 year. $150 gift card to use towards the services of your choice. 1 in-studio makeup application. 2  complimentary brow maintenance services. 1 brow extension service and 2 lash extension service.

Level 5 - $2500 & Up
Enjoy 20% off of all services for 1 year. $350 gift card. 3 makeup applications, your choice of in-studio or on-location service. 5 brow maintenance services. 2 brow extension services and 2 lash application services.

Again your participation is greatly appreciated!!!

Peace, Love, and Lipstick!

Melanie the M.U.A.

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Go Fund Me!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Eyebrow Extensions

So I have been working hard and I am excited about my new business ventures in 2015!!!

I now offer in studio makeup services, brow waxing and tinting, brow extensions, and lash extensions, and lash tinting!!!  All brow and lash services officially launch March 1, 2015!! To book and appointment please visit:

For those of you who were wondering... 
Brow extensions are all the new rave. Individual mink or silk hairs bonded using a clear adhesive safe for the skin. The hairs are used to fill-in over waxed/tweezed brows to build a thicker fuller brow. Eyebrows can also be constructed from scratch!!! The hairs come in a variety of colors from Jet Black to Blonde. Results can last anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks based on customer care and maintenance.

I am currently looking for models who will receive discounted lash and brow services!!! If you are interested please follow me on Instagram @melaniejonesbeauty and like the salon page @ajabblusalon as well as like my Facebook Page: YOU MUST REPOST MY "#MELSNATCHEDME post in order to be considered!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Slay them with Success

Its been a while. I still haven't gotten this blog thing under control. I think I put way too much pressure on myself when it comes to my posts. When I first started this blog I went into it not wanting it to be the typical beauty blog... you know product reviews and a bunch of how to videos... I mean.. I am sure I will post some tutorials along the way... But this blog is more about my experiences... the good and the bad... the ups and the downs... the yes' and the no's... No losses all Wins. My journey as a makeup artist...

Anyway 2014 was a pretty good year... I did some pretty cool things in makeup. Some of you may know and some of you may not, my clients ranges from CEO's of Construction Management Firms, to a photographer turned Multimedia mogul on the rise, blushing brides, and the Washington Wizards Dancers.... I did makeup for my first national magazine cover Black Enterprise, with my client Necole Parker of the Elocen Group. Worked with  CNN's Soledad O'Brien while doing makeup on set for photographer turned Multimedia mogul one the rise Eunique Jones Gibson's Because of them Campaign. The Wizards went to the playoffs for the first time in a loooooong time.... and I was there for every minute of it... My boys been balling!

Its 2015 and this year is starting out even better. I now work out of a Studio... Aja B.L.U. Salon & Studio in Lanham, MD. Being stationary will allow me to service more clients as well as provide more services. No worries though... make up service are still available on-location.

I am now a Certified Évalash & Eye Brow Extensionist.  Évalash V-Lash Interlocking Lash System comes in 2 and 4 strand silk lash clusters that are more natural looking and lightweight then the synthetic flare lashes often offered in nail salons. More than anything I am excited about the newest service I offer.... Eye brow EXTENSIONS.... YES!!! You heard me right... EYEBROW EXTENSIONS.... This new innovative luxury service uses single strand mink hairs that mimic the texture of natural eyebrow hair. This technique allows you to build eye brows from scratch or fill-in brows in sparse areas!!!

I have a feeling 2015 is gonna big a year for me... I hope you all come along for the ride!!!

I will be offering a lot of specials and discounted rates in the coming months! Make sure you keep up with my blog... (I promise to post more!!) Like me on Facebook... and Follow Me on Instagram!!!

To book an appointment, & pricing information connect with me on StyleSeat:

Enjoy a little recap from 2014!