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I was approached a few months back about offering my makeup services in a salon environment. This isn’t the first time anyone has reached out to me about providing my services in their establishment. However, I could never come to an agreement with salon owners about what was fair when payment came in to play. I have been a freelance makeup artist for the last 10 years working at various retailers from time to time, to make a few extra dollars here and there or take advantage of a discount or two…lol  The salon owner who reached out to me a few months back reached out and we sat down and discussed an agreement that we both thought was fair. As most of you know makeup application is a luxury service offered mostly on location as a mobile business. Makeup is typically an event based service and although you may have a repeat clientele it doesn’t provide the same repeat clientele that a hair stylist or nail tech would receive working in a salon environment.
            The past year I took a cosmetics counter manager job at a retailer as a way to earn some extra income because I knew I wanted to revamp my freelance business and move in a different direction. I have a love hate relationship with retail cosmetics. Freelancing is my first love. I can only take retail off and on in doses. So as this round of my love hate relationship had come to an end, and my patience meter 100% at the hate end of the spectrum, I decided to dive 100% back in to the freelance environment and really regain control of my business. I am now working in a salon offering makeup services, and one-on-one and group makeup application lessons. Finally stationary I thought to myself why not take this opportunity to broaden my services and get a full esthetics license. I was introduced early on in my makeup career the basics of waxing and facial hair removal, and eyebrow shaping with a razor. I grasped these concepts very quickly and my artistic talent allowed me to excel at these services. However, I have never obtained a license to provide these services because I was always working on location providing color services/makeup application and not facials and those sorts of services. So I have recently decided to obtain my Esthetics license, makeup is only as beautiful as the skin its on so why not maximize my business and provide my clients with not only quality makeup color services but quality luxury skin care and maintenance as well.
            So I began researching Esthetics Programs in the Washington D.C. area. The average program is about $10,000. In the past I attended Howard University in Washington D.C. I attended the university on several thousand dollars in student loans, which I am currently repaying. My goal is to complete my esthetics license program by paying for all program costs out of pocket. No loans, and I wish I could say no more debt. However, while preparing for my program I have exhausted all of my funds to pay for my education. Every dime I make and every bride I send down the isle pays for it! Also, this is a full-time program, which means that I will only be able to work part time…. In the end I know it will be all worth it, but as of right now…. I wish money grew on trees… lol
            I have seen Go Fund Me campaigns around Facebook here and there. This morning jokingly I thought to myself I need to start a Go Fund Me account to help pay for some of this stuff and then I paused… Hey why not? You never know what could happen. Even if I only made $5 I would be grateful. Every little bit counts! So here I am. My link is: All donations will fund program fees & tuitions, supplies, textbooks, continuing education courses and seminars, state board exams and license fees. Rewards levels are available. While all donations are greatly appreciated there are a few incentives for donation amounts.

Please see details below!

Rewards Level 

General – $1-$99
10% off of any one service.

Level 1 - $100 & Up
Enjoy 10% off of all services for 6 months.

Level 2 - $250 & Up
Enjoy 10% off all services for 6 months. Also receive 1 complimentary in-studio makeup application and 1 brow maintenance service.

Level 3 - $500 & Up
Enjoy 20% off of all services for 1 year.  $75 gift card to use towards the services of your choice. 1 complimentary in-studio makeup application. 1 brow maintenance service, and 1 lash service.

Level 4 - $1000 & Up
Enjoy 20% off of all services for 1 year. $150 gift card to use towards the services of your choice. 1 in-studio makeup application. 2  complimentary brow maintenance services. 1 brow extension service and 2 lash extension service.

Level 5 - $2500 & Up
Enjoy 20% off of all services for 1 year. $350 gift card. 3 makeup applications, your choice of in-studio or on-location service. 5 brow maintenance services. 2 brow extension services and 2 lash application services.

Again your participation is greatly appreciated!!!

Peace, Love, and Lipstick!

Melanie the M.U.A.

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